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Magic Chef MCSWOE24S 24" 2.2 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with Convection, Stainless Steel

  • Sleek stainless steel and mirrored glass...
  • Programmable cooking modes include defrost, broil,...

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Convection Roasting Chicken with the Jenn-Air® Paired Wall Oven

See how to roast chicken to delightful perfection in a convection wall oven. The Jenn-Air® Double Wall Oven features the V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System,.

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5 lively kitchen tests for foodie budget renters on the hunt


Over the hold out twenty-something years, I’ve lived in more than 17 different bedrooms across 3 different countries. I’ve hung my proverbial hat on walls of museum-descent ultra white, seemingly impossible iterations of “cream,” somber blues, and lavender hues that commanded all the calm and harmony of a hospital district. My wardrobe has resided in closets with creaky accordion doors, off-track sliding doors, and most recently, no door (The “open concept” is making its way into bedrooms I see…). But no person of these gripes – and I mean NONE of ‘em – matter, in the face of a great kitchen. You see, I’m an amateur chef, a humble foodie, a Friday night pizza maker and a normal grocery store wanderer. To me and my fellow home cooks and bakers, food is a symbol of family, community, and a sweeter, slower lifestyle that’s merit fighting for. We know how important a kitchen can be to our overall happiness. Like myself however, a lot of us kitchen-centric renters are on a budget. At times, this feels limiting and at odds with the features we many times associate with great kitchens: granite countertops, pot filler faucets, spacious islands, colorful tile backsplashes, and convection ovens (drool). The notion of a windowless yet budget-friendly kitchen feels paradoxical. While I agree that budget renters of a cooking or baking inclination must forego a lot of flashy add-ons in their kitchen authenticity, I strongly feel that a solid kitchen is still within reach. We can’t let the more mundane appearance or (lack of) brand names in our prospective kitchens deter us from doing our due diligence in the inspection get ready. There are still several features and layout elements that make a huge difference in the functionality of a kitchen and your satisfaction in the culinary experience even in a lower price range. Don’t just rub up against and go. Test and go. Here are 5 things you modest foodie renters should look for in a kitchen as you tour around prospective homes or apartments:. Bending booty elbow-room My figure comes from a long line of hourglasses. If you’re taller than 5’ (it’s not uncommon), then you will also want to make sure that you too have ample space to bend in your Nautical galley without cozying up against a counter, wall, fridge door, or – goodness forbid – a heated oven. If you bake as often as I do, you want to make sure that the only element crisped to gold perfection is your food. Off center sink Sinks that are situated smack dab in the middle of a countertop are almost always an inefficient use of space. They inconveniently halve your piece space in such a way that you never have enough prep space on one side and you always have too much dish drying space on the other. Offset sinks, on the other hand, give you the appropriate amount of room to chop and assortment to your heart’s desire without any casualties flying over the counter edge. Confined plumbing Don’t forget to check out the kitchen plumbing in the lower cabinet zone. The sink basin, garbage disposal and associated pipes will inevitably take up some lower cabinet space, but they should stay contained within the vertical column of your below-subside cabinets. If you see pipes that horizontally stretch through Neanderthal-esque holes into different cabinets, this is a red flag. There’s nothing like discovering that errant plumbing prevents the only committee with the dimensions to accommodate your oversized Epicurean cutting board from doing the job. Tight range dials There’s nothing more terrifying than the knowledge that the lightest pressure against your stove/oven dials will entice to the telltale clicking of a gas burner’s ignition or the silent but steady heating of an electric coil. If you are using your kitchen to its fullest capacity, then you are using the storage space on the range. Make sure any outward facing dials can withstand some jostling without actually turning on. 5. Sink basin depth Sinks can alternate quite a bit in shape and size. If you are frequently cooking or baking, then you are frequently washing dishes. Any dishwasher knows that a shallow sink that cannot withstand a few stacked dishes or the at ease maneuvering of a bigger bowl is a maddening kitchen shortcoming. So take that bowl or cutting board or other commonly used tool in your culinary arsenal and do a bright sink basin test at your next possible home.

Olympia Sports 14302 Convection Laboratory Oven - 0.7 cu ft Capacity Model

Olympia Sports 14302 Convection Laboratory Oven - 0.7 cu ft Capacity Model


Price: $638.06

These gravity convection ovens are designed to meet the laboratory needs of industry, research organizations and schools. Well-crafted and versatile, they are used for drying, baking, sterilizing, evaporating, heat treating, annealing and testing. The GC series ovens are competitively priced and offer exceptional value and reliability. Cabinets are attractive and durable. Exteriors are painted light grey and have a hard, scratch-resistant hammer finish. Doors open with high-impact thermoplastic handles. Cabinets have heavy steel double-wall construction. Work space is insulated from the outer cabinet with one inch of high-density mineral wool, and interiors are made of corrosive-resistant aluminized steel. Constructed of UL and CSA recognized components. The control panel is equipped with an illuminated ON-OFF rocker switch and heat/cycle pilot light. Temperature is controlled by an automatic hydraulic or a bimetal thermostat. Energy efficient, low-watt density incoloy sheathed elements are engineered into a compact design for quick run-up and recovery times. Temperature uniformity is greatly improved by a perforated heat shield which absorbs radiant heat and distributes it more evenly. Models have temperature range to 220 C (428 F) Interior: 12"W x 10"D x 10"H, Exterior: 12 7/8"W x 10 3/4"D x 15"H

Magnalite 1040819 Magnalite Classic 5-quart Dutch Oven

Magnalite 1040819 Magnalite Classic 5-quart Dutch Oven


Price: $100.15

Magnalite Classic 5-Quart Dutch Oven With Rack. Includes 1-Each Magnalite Classic 5-Quart Dutch Oven With Rack. Magnalite cookware feature vessels and lids constructed from hand-poured cast aluminum. The vessels feature a thick base that won't warp. Heavy domed lids lock-in moisture, transfer heat from the vessel side wall, and help facilitate convection style heating. Features phenolic handles and lids which are oven safe to 350 degrees. Line has earned a loyal user base who appreciates its uniquely even heating.


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Jenn-AirSingle Wall Oven with MultiMode® Convection, 30" JJW2430WS

Jenn-AirSingle Wall Oven with MultiMode® Convection, 30" JJW2430WS
Image by jennair.com


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Computational Mutable Dynamics Model of Natural Convection Airflow Inside a Commercial 30
Computational Mutable Dynamics Model of Natural Convection Airflow Inside a Commercial 30" Wall Oven Using FLUENT.
Published by ProQuest 2015
ISBN 9780549859246,0549859241
92 pages

The settled model predicts a flow that matches the flow pattern of the PIV measurements and the experimental trend for peak velocity at the 405°F center oven temperature. Comparisons of temperature and drift across the domain suggest that improvements to the thermal and flow boundary conditions will improve flow and temperature prediction. Recommendations are presented for the inclusion of additional warmth transfer physics in the next oven model, and additional experimental data collection is highlighted as an opportunity to improve model boundary conditions.

The Kitchenette Consultant
The Kitchenette Consultant
Published by Taunton Press 1998
ISBN 1561582476,9781561582471
201 pages

Tells how to blueprint a new kitchen, discusses space considerations, appliances, and lighting, and shows how to work with plumbing, wiring and cabinets

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Just found that one of my wall ovens is a convection oven..unmixed bliss

Cooking recipes

Convection Oven Roast Chicken (For Toaster Oven)
Ingredients:olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice, garlic, kosher salt, lemon zest, onions, chicken

Buddha Jumps over the Wall Cream Pie
Ingredients:almond, butter, cookies, chocolate pudding, cool whip, graham crackers, neufchatel cheese, powdered sugar

Egregious Wall Green Beans
Ingredients:vegetable oil, cinnamon, cornstarch, green beans, garlic, ginger, honey, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, sesame seed, soy sauce, dark sesame oil

Lemony Salmon
Ingredients:lemon juice, parsley, salmon, salt

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Chef Ryan Scott Cooks Burning at the BlueStar Exhibit Booth at the 2015 Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City
03/09/15, via Benzinga

wall ovens and hoods. BlueStar's lone performance features include an open gas burner system that produces up to 25,000 BTUs of cooking power, precise 130 degree seethe burners, and oversized convection ovens with professional-grade infrared broilers.

Steam Convection Oven
03/06/15, via FOR Residential

Jenn-Air offers a built-in steam and convection oven that features a steam-only modus operandi ... the steam ovens include trim kits for seamless installation with a Jenn-Air 27” or 30” wall oven.

Convection Ovens Suppliers located in Georgia
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ft., 3.85 cu. ft. & 83 cu. ft. Convection ovens with 83 cu. ft. column airflow design with patented baffle, heavy-duty squirrel cage fans, manual control knobs, high temperature ball-orientation motor, insulated double wall doors & heavy-duty stainless steel ...

GE PT925SNSS Silhouette 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single-Double Wall Oven - Convection
GE PT925SNSS Silhouette 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single-Double Wall Oven - Convection

Make sure that your Thanksgiving turkey will be cooked to perfection with a GE wall oven from Goedeker's. www.goedekers.com/GE-PT925SNSS.html

Photo by Goedeker's

KitchenAid KEMS309BSS Architect II 30" Stainless Bear up Electric Combination Wall Oven - Convection
KitchenAid KEMS309BSS Architect II 30" Stainless Bear up Electric Combination Wall Oven - Convection


Photo by Goedeker's


Bosch 800 series wall oven...Mmm Biggest intelligence on the market, convection, capacitive touch, lcd. this should be nice. it has some dings and scratches, but most of them I'll be able to sand out.

Photo by BoneDaddy.P7