Art Deco Dining Room Sets

LCH Vintage Faux Leather Dining Chair-Antique Set of 2,Industrial retro-modern Chair for Dining...

  • Covered with antique faux leather (1.6inch...
  • Chairs: 18.5"W x 18.5"D x 31"H

  • Your Price: $115.99
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Josephine 38-in Crystal Island Light with Oval Micro Shade

Josephine 38-in Crystal Island Light with Oval Micro Shade


Price: $1378.00

Romance blends with contemporary design in the eye catching Josephine line. It will add a note of style to your d├ęcor that's both sleek and noticeable without a whiff of ostentation - but with an unmistakeable element of luxury. This island light features a classic oval shape that will blend with virtually any style of furniture from Art Deco antiques to mid-century retro to contemporary minimalism. It is filled with optical crystals and features an organza shade, which has been laminated for long wear. Let Josephine set a fashionable tone in your dining or living room. Includes:8-in, 11-in, 20-in rods104 optical crystal strandsOval micro shadeVertically adjustable