Dollhouse Tv

Odoria 1:12 Miniature LED TV Television with Remote Control Dollhouse Decoration Accessories

  • Including: 1x TV, 1x Remote (Not Including Other...
  • Scale: 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Decor

  • Your Price: $8.99
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Disney's Moana Magical Oar

Disney's Moana Magical Oar

(Birthday in a Box)

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Is your daughter going on a magical Hawaiian journey this Halloween? Well, she ll need a Disney s Moana Magical Oar to complete her costume! You ll be looking around for Dwayne Johnson s character Maui when you see your daughter carrying this officially licensed Moana accessory! And if you haven t found the rest of her costume yet, we ve got it right here check out our other Moana costume pieces to give her a Halloween to remember! Bring a taste of the tropics to your daughter s Halloween, with our Disney s Moana Magical Oar!

Lazy Susan, Extra-Large Aluminum Swivel

Lazy Susan, Extra-Large Aluminum Swivel


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Turn large objects quickly and easily using this Lazy Susan with Extra Large Aluminum Swivel! The pre-drilled holes let you mount it to any base, allowing you to easily rotate a large TV, shelves in kitchen cabinets, planters, serving platters, large tabletops, even a large dollhouse or a Christmas tree! The solidly built aluminum swivel provides stable support for large for up to 660 lbs. while the ball bearing construction ensures a smooth, quiet glide with every turn.