Base Jumping Deaths Video

Death of BASE Jumper Dwain Weston -- Slammed Full Speed Into a Bridge

Australian BASE jumper Dwain Weston was considered one of the world's best at the time. On October 5, 2003 while performing a proximity demonstration,.

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BASE jumper Erik Roner dies in skydiving accident

Erik Roner, a well-known member of the action sports community and pioneer of ski BASE jumping, died Monday morning after he hit a tree during a skydiving performance near the Squaw Valley ski resort in Placer County, officials said. Roner, a 39-year

Johnny Strange -- Famed Adventurer Dies At Age 23 ... Wingsuiting Accident

1001-johnny-strange-YOUTUBE-01 Johnny Strange -- who became famous for climbing the world's 7 tallest summits by the age of 17 -- has died in a wingsuiting accident in Europe . Strange called in to "Kevin & Bean" on KROQ on Monday from Switzerland

BASE jumper 'Lucky Chance' killed when 'death swing' stunt went wrong

NSW Police said emergency rescue crews were called to Hanging Rock, near Blackheath, about 1pm, after the man hit a ledge while attempting the swing, which involves jumping from a cliff using a rope attached to the over hanging rock. Mr Benham died 

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Base Jumper Dies Shocking Video
Shocking Base Jump Video, Base Jumper Jumps to Death, Caught on Video, EXCLUSIVE, very sexy Clip,

Possibly the best base jumping / wingsuit video ever!
This is the most incredible wingsuit / base jumping video I have ever seen. Much of the footage is from helecopter jumps in the alps. These daredevils come ... - Jan Davis' Fatal BASE Jump of 3,000 feet
At 60-years of age, Jan Davis was considered the "grandmother" of skydiving and BASE jumping. On October 22, 1999, she BASE jumped one of the most favorite ...

the body of Daryl Norris, who plunged to his death when a BASE ...

the body of Daryl Norris, who plunged to his death when a BASE ...
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Base Jumper’s 1000 Ft Fall Caught on Headcam

Base Jumper’s 1000 Ft Fall Caught on Headcam
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Being Extreme
Being Extreme
Published by Open Road Media 2014
ISBN 9781497612495,1497612497
292 pages

As fast-paced as a freefall from a roaring airplane, as thrilling as a towering jump off a ski slope, BEING EXTREME is a fascinating examination of the adrenaline rush of extreme sports. Here is a world where living life on the edge is the only options, where you are only as good as your last jump...and where one false move can take you out of the game permanently. From mountain climbing, freestyle motocross, to sky diving and snowboarding and beyond, in the past decade the world of extreme sports has exploded on the scene, with daredevils attempting daring acts of athleticism that leave spectators awed..and fearful. BEING EXTREME explores the motivations and society impulses behind these high-risk lifestyles through interviews with professional athletes and the recreational enthusiast,...

Base Jumping
Base Jumping
Published by ABC-CLIO 2015
ISBN 9780313383977,0313383979
131 pages

Discusses all aspects of BASE jumping including its history, culture, technique, equipment, and important people in the extreme sport.

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Adventurer Johnny Strange Dies at 23
10/02/15, via Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Johnny Strange, a world record-holding adventurer, has died from a wingsuiting ... something went wrong with his jump. On Monday, he had called into Kevin & Bean on KROQ and told the radio hosts he was shooting a wingsuit video where "we fly super close ...

Daredevil Johnny Strange dies aged 23 following a wingsuit accident in Switzerland
10/02/15, via New York Daily News

But he was killed earlier this week following a tragic accident in the Alps where he was filming a video in which he flew “really ... mountain shrouded in fog that prevented them from base jumping. Five hours later, a break in the fog allowed them ...

US daredevil dies in Swiss wingsuit stunt
10/02/15, via The Local

A video from 2014 of Johnny Strange performing a wingsuit jump Aside from Strange, perhaps the most prominent wingsuit-related casualty was the August 2013 death of Mark Sutton, the James Bond parachutist from the opening ceremony at the London Olympics.

Stanley Jefferson
Stanley Jefferson

He was the rage when I went to Truman High School in the Bronx and was friends with many of my friends too. He and I came grew up in the same Bronx neighborhood. Check out Sunday's Daily News Forgotten Hero Former Met Stanley Jefferson struggles to cope with horror of life as 9/11 cop BY WAYNE COFFEY, DAILY NEWS SPORTS WRITER Four flights up in Co-Op City, at the end of a hallway in Building 26, the big man sits in a big brown recliner, boxed in by four walls and demons and an emptiness that doesn't end. If only it did. If only it were finite, measurable, like the outfields of Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium, or the other big-league parks he once called home. Then Stanley Jefferson might be able to know exactly what he's dealing with. Then he might be able to go outside, go to work, maybe share the things he still believes he has to give, and begin to pick up the shards of a life that sometimes seems broken beyond recognition. It is early in a late-winter afternoon. In...

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That Was the Year That Was - 1968
That Was the Year That Was - 1968

The world would never be the same again It was a year of seismic social and political change across the globe. From the burgeoning anti-Vietnam war and civil rights movements in the United States, protests and revolutions in Europe and the first comprehensive coverage of war and resultant famine in Africa. To some, 1968 was the year of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Yet it was also the year of the Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy assassinations; the riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago; Prague Spring; the antiwar movement and the Tet Offensive; Black Power; the generation gap; avant-garde theater; the upsurge of the women’s movement; and the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union. 1968 In both Europe and America Japanese imported cars and other goods were continuing to rise and trouble the governments of UK and USA as they worried about industries in their own countries being effected and jobs lost. In the...

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That Was the Year That Was - 1979
That Was the Year That Was - 1979

1979 For the first time in history in 1979 a woman Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime minister in the UK. As technology becomes smaller Sony released the Walkman a worldwide success costing $200 which at that time was a significant amount of money. Also the first Snowboard is invented in the USA. The bombing by the IRA in England continues with Lord Mountbatten and three others assassinated. Following the return of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Iran becomes an Islamic Republic and 63 Americans are taken hostage in the American Embassy in Tehran on 4th November. 1979 the Britain Thatcher Inherited The Conservative Party appointed her as their leader on 11 February 1975. She was the first woman to head a British political party, and went on to become the country's first female Prime Minister in 1979. Britain wasn’t a country gagging for modernization in 1979 so much as one in a state of nostalgia-tinged denial: a country still traumatized by the retreat from empire and the loss of...

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