Art Deco Dining Room Sets

Metal Wall Decor 4 Assorted with Square Shaped Artistic Metal

Home and Garden, Home Decor, Bring designer quality style to your dull and bare walls with this square shaped artistic metal wall decor available in a set of 5. Besides adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your walls, they complement your decor. This metal wall decor fits in unobtrusively with the existing furnishings. The exquisite designs and art work on each of these pieces brings your walls to life with a touch of magnificence and style. The intricate metal art work lends a regal look combined with sheer class to the walls. Mount them on the walls of your living room, dining area or any other part in your home or office and create a style statement. As an added bonus, it also looks great on your patio, deck or garden wall. This set is a must-have addition for those who want to give an aesthetic make over to their? not-so-happening├» ½├» ½├» ½ walls. It comes with following dimensions: 16" W x 1" D x 16" H16" W x 1" D x 16" H16" W x 1" D x 16" H

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