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Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double Burner, Stainless Steel

  • Non-slip feet for total stability while cooking
  • Powerful 1800 watts of power for quick heat-up...

  • List price: $145.00
  • Your Price: $79.95
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Ecofan 810CA-BBX Heat Powered Stove Fan, 125 CFM

Ecofan 810CA-BBX Heat Powered Stove Fan, 125 CFM


Price: $109.29

Ecofans circulate warm air throughout the room to increase your comfort. These fans are designed to sit on top of a free standing wood or pellet stove and create their own electricity without using any household energy or batteries. Ecofans start automatically when placed on top of a stove and adjust their speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up, the Ecofan runs faster. As the stove burns down and cools, the Ecofan automatically shuts off. Ecofans are designed and quality made in Canada to meet cold winter expectations. Ecofan design has evolved from the original Canadian invention to the current models to provide greater efficiency and maximum airflow. Highlights: Moves up to 125 CFM Greater comfort Silent operation Costs nothing to operate Increased fuel efficiency Generates its own electricity using the heat of the stove Distributes heat throughout the home or cabin instead of going directly to the ceiling Fan starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the surface temperature Cordless and ready to use Ultra quiet and costs nothing to operate Operates on a surface temperature between 150°F to 700°F Burn less wood and save up to 14% in fuel Specifications: Height: 9" Length: 3" Width: 4" Power Supply: Thermoelectric Module

Medelco WK112 Glass Stove Top Whistling Kettle, 12 Cup, Pack of 4

Medelco WK112 Glass Stove Top Whistling Kettle, 12 Cup, Pack of 4


Price: $37.55

Features Glass Stove Top Whistling Kettle. Capacity - 12 Cup. Pack of 4. Heat Tolerant Handle. Made Of Phenolic Plastic. Can Withstand Very High Temperatures. Borosilicate Glass Body Is Heat Tolerant & Used On Gas & Electric Stove Tops. Replacement Carafe For Bunn Pour-A-Matic Coffee Makers With Lid Removed. Dimension - 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.25 in. Item Weight - 1.75 lbs.