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Cute Puppies Dogs Compilation 2015 - Dog Videos 2015 - 720p

Cute kittens, Sweet babies, Naughty dogs. All are here in our channel. Here is 'funny world. ' You can find joy and entertainment.

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Man's two cute "puppies" grew into wild bears

In 2013, Wang Kaiyu, a Yunan resident in China, bought two cute black puppies, one male and one female, who were playful and well-behaved. And then they started to show signs that were unusual for dogs. For one thing, they never barked. They also grew 

Cute puppies in beer glasses — Journal photo from 1953 shows more than just ...

Posing in beer glasses was just an uncomfortable chore for 10 German shorthaired pointer puppies, especially since there wasn't even a taste of beer in the glasses to make it worthwhile. The pups were born to Phoebe von Claybourn, owned by Donald 

Man adopts two puppies, finds out they're actually bears

YUNAAN, China — A man from China got a big surprise. The two cute “puppies” he adopted and raised for two years turned out to be two baby black bears. According to People's Daily Online, Wang Kayui bought the cubs two years ago. He says he groomed 

A Dog is For Life

Source: The Ruff Life

I actually started writing this post several months ago, finished it, but never put it up on the blog. I was worried that it was too controversial but it wouldn’t have been honest had I changed anything about it. So I just held onto it. Until now. Aside from being a Pro-Pitbull (and all mislabeled dogs for that matter) household, we don’t typically stir the pot. Take it or leave it. I have a feeling this post may offend some people. But I am not going to sugar coat anything or make this blog a water downed version of who I really am. There are things I have firm opinions on and if they upset anyone I’m sorry that we don’t share the same sentiment on a particular subject. I saw a t-shirt the other day that read, “A dog is for life”. I’m sure that the majority of people bring a new pet into their home with the full intention of keeping it for the duration of its life. I’m going to focus on dogs here because they seem to be the pets that most often are given away but I also am not downplaying the plight of other animals. Dogs are smart. All dogs regardless of breed are descendants of the wolf. There are built in instincts, social rules and cues and an entire non-verbal language that dogs begin to develop immediately after birth. Most dogs are raised by their mother for the first several weeks of life. Puppies learn very early on that canines follow a pack order hierarchy. All other dogs in the home defer to the pack leader. Puppies also develop an order within the litter. Through their social interactions they learn from each other appropriate forms of play and expressions of behavior. And then us humans take them home to incorporate into our human world. Whether the dog is still a puppy or an adult, we cannot just expect them to understand our way of life that is so different from theirs. You wouldn’t bring a baby home from the hospital and expect he or she to know when it’s dinner time, how to feed himself or not to pull your hair. So why do we expect dogs to know the rules without us ever teaching them. It’s important for people who choose to have a dog to gain an understanding of dog behavior and learn the personality of their dog very well. Just like humans, dogs can have different responses to situations, people and stimuli. If you know your dog gets nervous in a crowd, either work with her so that she is able to be comfortable in that setting or avoid putting her in it. Forcing a dog into a situation he is unsure of can be a set up for failure. Just because a birthday party with balloons and streamers seems harmless to you doesn’t mean your dog won’t perceive these things as threats or be fearful of something she isn’t used to. Don’t assume anything about your dog in a new environment. You might have the most happy go lucky, nothing fazes him kind of dog. He goes running with you, plays with the neighbors’ dogs and happily greets the kids getting off the bus. But you bring home a new baby and suddenly it seems as if someone stole your dog and left one who looks identical but acts completely different in his place. Just as you prepare yourself, your home and other children you have for the arrival of a little one, you have to do the same with your dog. Babies bring new smells, noises and movements and throw the schedule your dog has become quite accustomed to right out the window. A drastic change like that without warning can confuse and upset a dog if you’ve done nothing to prepare her. Dogs are not unpredictable. Countless studies on dog behavior have been done and it’s pretty clear that they aren’t the unpredictable species between us. A dog will let you know what he is feeling but you have to pay attention and know what to look for. There are many signals a dog will give if she is nervous, anxious or fearful. If you ignore them or do not realize this is what she is telling you then eventually she will either shut down or the fight or flight response will be triggered to counter the uncomfortable situation. The same goes for a dog who is protecting himself, his property or his people from a perceived threat. As a responsible owner, it’s important to be educated on the behavioral cues your dog may be giving to alert you to her feelings and state of mind. This goes for every member of the household including children old even to understand. It’s pretty amazing that a creature who is not at all related to us can integrate into our lives and understand our language and customs. We know dogs are smart but we still have to teach them.

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Cute Puppies
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So Cute You Could Die!
So Cute You Could Die!
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problem is not how dogs are treated as humans, but how babies are treated as cute puppies...


Cute Yorkie Puppies Needs A New Home (320) 844-7876 - The Villages: The Villages, Seeking a good home for... http://t.co/o4XaqIRpjg AlHB


Relaxes in a bed full of cute, happy puppies.

Cooking recipes

Elswet's Hush Puppies Amexicana (Diabetic)
Ingredients:flour, baking powder, baking soda, vegetable oil, cheddar cheese, chili powder, cumin, eggs, green onion, jalapeno, creamed corn, salt, cornmeal, skim milk, syrup, splenda, white wine

Grandma's Hush Puppies
Ingredients:flour, baking powder, creamed corn, eggs, milk, onions, salt, sugar, cornmeal

Crab Hush Puppies with Curried Honey-Mustard Sauce
Ingredients:clam juice, mustard, curry powder, green onion, honey, cornbread mix, crabmeat, vegetable oil

Baked Hush Puppies
Ingredients:flour, baking powder, vegetable oil, cayenne, eggs, milk, onions, salt, sugar, cornmeal

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Who Let the Dogs Out? MCLife Has!
07/10/15, via The Business Journal

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Let's be honest, while you may tell other people that their pets are cute, you know deep down that your pet is truly the best. In accordance with their open pet policy (ie: no size, breed or weight ...

EXCLUSIVE! Lisa Vanderpump Dishes On Her Dog Accessories Line & Educates Us On The Disturbing Yulin Dog Festival
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Lisa Vanderpump LOVES her dogs!! In an EXCLUSIVE! interview with Lisa, we talked about how her adorable doggies inspired her to create a dog accessories line and why we need to stop the controversial Yulin Dog Festival NOW. In the revealing vid ...

One Year Anniversary: Where Our Adoptable Running Dogs Are Now
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Guys, I have some very exciting news: Today marks our one year anniversary of teaming up with the Monster Milers to post our weekly, awww-inducing, adoptable running dogs. I do a lot of cool things at my job, but I have to say, getting to Photoshop cute ...

Bidu: the cutest puppy (^^)
Bidu: the cutest puppy (^^)

My friend gave this cute little thing to her boyfriend (^^) Isn't he a lucky guy? :-D This picture was taken by my drooled, (and very happy) friend :)

Photo by ♡Blackangelツ

Puppy (25000+views thank you! )
Puppy (25000+views thank you! )

In loving memory 22April - 10 July Ghost passed away this morning from parvo after 10 days in the doggie hospital. We will miss you dearly He was my life, my only friend, Who's head rested on my lap, Who's fluffy ears were always perked, And always seemed to flap. He was my friend, the only thing, That kept me going on, Who gave me all his heart and then, Well, then he was gone. One day I called to him from pasture, Hoping he would come, But that day my dear old friend, Never reached home. Now on the beach I think back on, The dog who's heart was my home, Like little pawprints in the sand, He was gone.

Photo by Adventures with my dogs

2004_Puppy Gus
2004_Puppy Gus

Found this one of Gus deep in my computer, it's one of my all time favourites of him as a puppy.

Photo by -meryl-