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Top 10 Cutest Kittens on Youtube

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Miley Cyrus rescues two cute kittens following her dog's tragic death

The singer introduced the two pets - called KiKi and LiLo - to the the world with a series on Instagram posts on Friday. It's clear that the blonde is already quite taken with the cats, as she held them close and kissed them on several selfies.

Here's the shower scene from Psycho remade with two cute kittens

Why else would the famous shower scene from Psycho have been remade using cats? It's a strange mix – the music is telling you to be terrified but your eyes won't let you be deceived – a cat pretending to be stabbed by another cat is still incredibly cute.

Too many kittens: Vancouver SPCA brimming with cute felines

Last month we told you about how kitten season was coming and, well, now it's here. With more stray cats having unplanned litters, shelters across the region are seeing a huge influx of wee kittens, and there's a big push to find them great furr-ever

Dianna's Life -- Writers Choice: Rough couple of years.

Source: Dianna's Life -- Writers Choice

I have two cats. Tye Dye and Tasie. Yup, the crazy cat lady has began. I work for Visiting Angles and I have never found a job that I adore and love so much. I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be and I am glad to have been blessed with it. I live with my parents, who I help with any way I can. This blog is basically a journal and anyone is welcome to read. So it has been some time since I have blogged. Partly the reason is I forgot about it. The other reason, is who really cares what I write. But I have things to share and even if no one reads this, I can at least use it as a journal -- not a deep personal journal, but some what of one. I have taken time off from it because I feel what is the point, no one wants to publish me, and who will really read my story. I think it is good and I LOVE my characters, but will anyone else see the greatness of these four characters that I have developed, brought out of me and shared with the world. Maybe I need to just keep them to myself, maybe I am not as good as I thought I was. To change the subject, my baby Pepper died last year. She fell off the bed and could not walk any longer. :*( It was a heartbreaking time for me. I couldn't see my life without her. I had a hard two week, then I went to PetSmart and found two adorable kittens. A Ragdoll and a Marx Tabby. The Marx Tabby he was different from other Tabbies I have seen. They have grown this past year. I got them June 14 and Feb 28 was the first birthday and June 14 2014 was their anniversary of being with me. I had a birthday party for them and then we celebrated their anniversary. These pictures were the first day they were with me. Oh they were so timid. Tye, he was more adventurous -- still is. Tasie is very shy and is more reserved. After about a month or two of having them, I was cleaning up the living room and took some trash bags that were full of paper and threw it out into the trash. About 20 minutes or so later, I began looking for Tasie. I could not find her. I called and looked and searched. I COULD NOT FIND HER. I began to panic and cry. I could not lose another baby. I told Him of my love for Tasie and how I wish to find her. I asked for guidance to find her. I ended my prayer and the thought came to me, she is in the trash. I tore out of my room, out the front door and ran to the garbage can. I wash my hands after touching the garbage can for any reason. That being said, I could careless and I opened the garbage can and began pulling the garbage out. I took everything out looking for her. I could not find her. I had the feeling she climbed out and I had to find her. So I walked down the street to the north and Mom went west looking for her. We called and I cried, Mom was crying to. We could not find my baby. I threw my baby in the garbage. I had to find her. I got this sudden impression that she was not to the north, but back to the south of my house. So I turned around and walked down the street to the south. I flashed the flash light and I saw these glowing eyes across the street under a SUV by the wheel. Another cat was there, but left as I walk up to the other cat, whom I KNEW was Tasie. I picked her up (I was worried she was going to run from me, but she didn't) I held he tightly and walked her home. I think she is traumatized and she will only let me hold her when SHE wants to be held. To this day, I still feel guilty about this mishap. My poor baby. They have grown and are looking beautiful. They are my babies and I look forward to having them in my life for a very long time. I had a birthday party for them on February 28th because that is their guesstimated birth date. I also had a little celebration on the 1 year anniversary. I thought it was really fun for their birthday to have wet food as their birthday cake and hats and even though at first they seemed annoyed with the hats, I think they liked their presents and the "cake". Tasie was not as fond of the "cake", so she got Temptation treats. They were so cute sniffing through their presents and then they played with the catnip mouse I got them. Tye played a little bit with it but lost interest in it over the last year or so. Tasie loves it. She still plays with it and enjoys tossing it up in the air. Maybe I will see if I can post a video sometime. I began dating. The first guy I met was on OKCupid. Yeah that is not a great place for someone who wants.

Faux Pearl Kitten Cute Stud Earrings

Faux Pearl Kitten Cute Stud Earrings


Price: $5.95

Faux Pearl Kitten Cute Stud Earrings

Vampurr Cat Vampire Halloween Scary Cute Style Kitten Animal - Ladies Slouchy Pullover

Vampurr Cat Vampire Halloween Scary Cute Style Kitten Animal - Ladies Slouchy Pullover


Price: $29.99

5.0 oz. Light Weight and Very soft combed ringspun cotton/polyester Blend /French terry


Kitten Pictures - Cute Little Kittens
Kitten pictures and images. View and rate cat pictures and submit your own.

i are cute kitten
1 HOUR of Funny Cat & Cute Kittens Fail Videos - Funny Kitty Cat Video April 2015 - Duration: 52:51. by 1HourCompilations 154,425 views. 52:51

Cute, Cute Kittens! - Kitten pics and videos to make you smile
Absolutely adorable kitten photos and videos that are easy to share to all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

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Image by wondrouspics.com

Kittens Cute Kitten

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black and white kitten
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Google Books

Published by Chronicle Books 2007
ISBN 0811859800,9780811859806
160 pages

Massively popular with millions of regular visitors, kittenwar.com pits two photographs of adorable kittens side by side and asks the viewer to vote for a winner. Full of games and funny text, as well as uber-cute photos, kittenwar includes over 100 claws-to-the-walls kittenwars, expert battle analysis, a Kittenological Personality Tester, a history of kittens in wartime and the most comprehensive survey of cat naming ever undertaken.

Too Cute Kittens
Too Cute Kittens
Published by Harlequin 2013
ISBN 9781460321089,1460321081
96 pages

This book contains material that is just too cute. Reader discretion is advised. The first eight weeks of a kitten's life are an epic adventure. And every impossibly adorable moment of that adventure is captured in this book, based on Animal Planet's hit show TOO CUTE. Millions of viewers have joined their favorite kitties as they take on the journey from helpless baby to rambunctious best friend. Now they can hold on to every precious moment through the exclusive photographs in this book. Every beautiful, entirely-too-cute photo illustrates the everyday dramas of kittens as they grow up and learn to navigate the world. From their first sight of the world, to their first wobbly steps, to their first battle with a toy, these cuddly kitties are coming of age in the most adorable ways....

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Create a team of cute kittens and bake bread! http://t.co/AXL4vdB2qy http://t.co/qTD4Zyv04B


wills my favorite because whenever I'm sad he sends me pictures of cute puppies and kittens @Willwest22


I recently got rid of a few kittens and was worried about how they would adapt to their new homes. My frien... http://t.co/VJYV2uDRg6 #cute

Cooking recipes

Easter Bunny Bread - Easy And Cute Recipe
Ingredients:almonds, eggs, lettuce, bread dough, raisins

Cute Cherry Jam Tarts Recipe
Ingredients:cherry jam, egg whites, flour, milk, baking powder, sugar, sea salt, butter, flour

Cute Egg Chicks Recipe
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Renting a Kitten is the Newest Animal Adoption Trend
07/10/15, via MSN

time with cute kittens, while getting work done. This "rental" program is beneficial to both parties— the cats are brought in from a local shelter and they help relieve stress for the workers. So far, 100 kittens have been adopted from the library alone!

Watch This Kitten in a Dress Get Real About Drinking Some Milk
07/10/15, via Jezebel

This video is entitled “Cute Baby Cat,” but it is so much more than that. So much, much more. It’s a video of a kitten in a dress drinking from a dropper of milk and it is incredibly important. I am sitting in my living room rocking back and forth ...

Pussies galore! TWO purr-fect cat cafes set up shop in Sydney - after pet owners raise thousands to make their dream come true
07/10/15, via Daily Mail

The second is the Sydney Cat Cafe, who hosted a pop-up event in May in order to raise funds for a permanent home. Customers played, petted, and snapped selfies with the cute kittens from Maggie's Rescue at the pop-up in Paddington. On Friday they reached ...


Photo by Sergey Ivanov


These cheecky fellas were at the Turtle Hospital

Photo by jameswragg


Photo by BrianScottImages